Thursday, February 3, 2011

i'm new or old here??..

hi EVeRy0ne.!!..I.m NeW HerE..
i want to tell about my profile..
My name is Siti Hajar Ibrahim..just call me Hajar or SHI.(siti hajar ibrahim.)..
hehehe..um0r sy ialah...ehh?? dah x ingat dah umor sy berapa.??.huhu..lupa..lupa..
aiseyman...kalu dah nyany0k.bukan tua kann.???...actually...i'm 12 years young..
(maybe,)..hohoho..^0^ hobby is playing comp..comp aper??..compas..heheh..ofcozz computer..
hhehhe..when i gr0w..i want 2 be a human.!!..yeah.!!.that right..~~~~` 

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  1. sorry..guys...yg tu jer sy buley kasi taw kat korang week..i write again about me..huhu...ngant0k..!!..ZZZ..